Touch your wildness;
allow your peace to unfold inside you.

Your kindness is calling to you.
It's part of being born here, that we feel
the dreamlike quality of being in this place.

All our lives, we get to experience so many versions of it.
What do we long for? What's pulling us along?
What's going to make it feel worthwhile to us?
What's exciting? What's terrifying? What's beautiful?
What are we seeing? What's hidden from us?

You are the only one who can say what any of these things
mean to you and how you want to be
about this situation we find ourselves in.

I'm here to help you feel the parts of you that
have become a part of the scenery of your consciousness;
ever present but unseen: Influential but invisible.
These are the parts of us that make so much happen in our lives,
and in our dreaming of what this life is like for us.

We all ask:
"What keeps making the inexplicable happen to me this way?"
If you want to change your dream, then there must come,
by your little willingness, a little dawning of wakefulness.

As we learn to listen, to see and to feel what has become
automatic habit in our consciousness, the new is born.
As your personal empath and sherpa,
I will walk with you, inside you,
behind you and in front of you for a time.
As you share your reality of feelings and impressions and passions,
and we enter the dream of what they make together,
we will uncover the doorways to possibility
that lie waiting inside you
for you to open.

Two things we will get better at and enjoy even more;
how well we swim, how easily we float, and most reassuring of all,
how much you trust the current to be taking you gently
to the eternal beauty inside you.
Touch your Wildness, and Go in Peace.


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