Thank you for visiting here today. 

It can be good news you are reading this, 
because this is a place that exists so that whoever you are, 
you can get help to begin making changes today in how you feel,
what your life looks like and what you can do.

Whether you are looking for specific change in a a specific area,
or you have more general goals for personal growth,
I would be glad to help you get where you are wanting to go.

When we feel stuck, frustrated, upset, or exhausted from trying
to get the results we want or to solve a problem that challenges us,
we can sometimes feel defeated. We may have tried many times, without results.
We may have felt it would make more sense to just give up.
We have all been there; it is part of the human experience.
We all need a little help and guidance sometimes.

I am not different. Like many, I have faced challenges that were terrible
for me, and I have had to face failures, mistakes and feelings that I may be
basically inadequate as a person. I have felt guilty, ashamed, regretful and even doomed.
I'm glad that I stayed in the game long enough to learn what it was
that I was misunderstanding about this whole game of being human,
and why I felt the way I did. I am also glad I got a lot of help from others.

The reason I'm here to write this to you today is because all along the way,
it was my passion to learn all that I could about what we as human beings
are made of, how we are formed, and what is possible for us.
And, why some of the things we are taught, and told, and sold... don't work well for us.
Happily, we are capable of incredible things:
of recovering from loss, of self-healing and wisdom,
of becoming skilled at things we never even knew of before,
of summoning great courage, deep compassion and love,
of manifesting steeled discipline, full confidence and rock solid commitment...
because being a human being means we have all those things inside us.

We can indeed be different than we have been, and get different results,
by accessing those very capacities and inner knowings that we have inside us,
and consciously directing them towards the dreams, goals and desires that
are alive for us right now.

I can report to you from a good deal of education, experience and training
that there is a science and an art to the sport of being a human being,
and our efforts to improve for our own sake and the sake of others
will indeed be rewarded whenever we are earnest in our efforts.
Your efforts are very worthwhile. And you can indeed understand the game better.

Whatever heights you are starting from, and whatever it is you see ahead of you,
my role is to help you find what you are looking for inside you
and help you to develop those toolsand learn to use them to good effect.
Your success is the journey that we will be on together;
you will bring the agenda, I will make every resource I have available to you
and we will discover the path forward for you, together.
I consider it a privilege to be invited to be along your side for a time
and to see you moving towards success.

Please feel welcome to explore these pages to learn more, or write me
to request a free phone consultation to help you decide if
choosing me as your coach and partner
for achieving your personal goals is right to you.
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And thank you once again for visiting. Have a beautiful day.