Hypnosis & Meditation
Across this world of ours on every continent, neuroscientists, spiritual masters, psychologists, educators, researchers, healers, shamans and practitioners have been writing the story of what the human experience is, what affects us as we come into this world and grow up in it, and what can be done by us to be helpful to ourselves and others. It is amazing to say it, but a great deal of what is true about us is well known, even if it is not discussed casually or reported on the nightly news.
As you may have heard it said already, there is an intersection between mind, body and spirit.
You may have also heard it said that we can affect our reality and our health, and even make great accomplishments by getting in touch with our emotional life, taking care of our bodies and directing the power of our mind.
We may not be all powerful, and certainly there are very few of us who feel that way in this life, but I am here to tell you that what the scientists have shown us, and what the masters have told us, agree.
Hypnosis, and self-hypnosis, and meditation are the tools we put in your hands to change your life experience from being something that you experience mostly s something that happens "to you", to something that is increasingly something you "are doing."
If life is being on a sailboat, then these tools and knowledge, shared by an experienced coach or teacher, are the equivalent of sailing lessons.
Is life like walking on a balance beam?
Then getting the proper skills and coaching is what turns you more into a gymnast, each day that you practice.
No matter how high the mountain you want to scale, or how down in the valley you feel, I am here to help you to connect with the powers you have available inside of you because they are part of the reality of you as a human being.
Nothing can take your potential for success or improvement away from you, and that makes the road ahead of you very exciting and inviting indeed, if you choose to make it that way.
I invite you to ask me to fill you in on all the good news about the ways we can discover inner peace, health, prosperity, love and well-being.
when you're ready, please write me and we'll make a time that is just for you.
thanks for visiting,
Doug Randak